Coffee Review: Stewarts Hawaiian Blend

Stewarts-Hawaiian-Coffee-reviewSeveral years ago, I wrote my first cigar review. At the time, I knew nothing, really, about reviewing cigars. I knew I liked them, and I knew I liked to write. I eventually wrote a lot more reviews, and even created the Cigar of the Week section of my blog.

Last week, I received a box of coffee from Stewarts. I decided that as I drink my way through it, I’ll try to review each of the coffees. I’m not promising a “Coffee of the Week” section, but hey – who knows?

Brand: Stewarts
Hawaiian Blend Coffee
Body: Mild-to-medium
Price: $7.24 for a 12-oz can (online)

Stewarts coffees are usually the best you can find out of a can, and its Hawaiian Blend is no different. It contains 100% Arabica beans, a rarity for canned coffee.

It’s a medium-bodied coffee that’s smooth enough to drink black, but tastes just as good dressed up a bit. (I put a bit of skim milk in for my third cup.) The finish is sweeter – a bit citrus-y and a touch creamy.

Verdict: Overall, it’s a great coffee for the price, and it makes me excited to try Stewarts’ Kupanaha Kona Blend, one of its newest coffees.