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OMNT Q&A: Dan Schneider, Denver Post

About a month ago, I wrote about my experiences creating single-topic Tumblr blogs. Since I’m a news industry vet, it got me thinking about how news organizations are using Tumblr, and what they’re getting out of it.

Dan Schneider, SM producer for the Denver Post, was kind enough to answer my questions for Old Media, New Tricks. Check out Dan’s Q&A here.

Tidbit of the Day: Quoted in Advertising Age

The piece, “Google, Yahoo Become Print’s Allies,” by Nat Ives, is about newspapers’ new media efforts. Nat asked me about the Chicago Tribune’s social media work.

Who else was mentioned? My good friend Colonel Tribune.

Who would’ve thought: Daniel B. Honigman, panelist, speaker, lecturer — and now quoted in a major industry publication?

My parents would be proud, I think. I just wish they were still around.

Tidbit of the Day: Moving on up to Tribune Interactive

Tribune Interactive logo

About five months ago, I announced my transition to the Chicago Tribune.

While I was there, I helped the Tribune with some things in the social media space.

Now comes a bigger challenge: figuring how to do this across multiple Tribune Company properties. My title will pretty much remain the same, but I’m moving on up to Tribune Interactive, where I will help plan and oversee social media initiatives all over the country, all while attempting new things here in Chicago.

It’s an interesting challenge, and one I look forward to. Stay tuned!