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Study: RSS feeds poor way to keep up with news

Not that I regret posting this or anything, but results from a recent study conducted by the International Center for Media and the Public Agenda show that those who keep up with RSS feeds from mainstream media just aren’t getting the news.

In fact, the feeds are useless for people who want little more than infotainment or the latest celebrity dirt from PerezHilton. The study says that most people should just stick with Google’s “Top Stories”. Also, some news outlets may prefer to keep some coverage out of its RSS feeds.

It’s an interesting report and I suggest at least giving it a look.

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What’s in it for Yahoo? (Update on possible Microsoft/Yahoo merger)

According to a story in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal, Yahoo doesn’t appear interested in a possible merger with – or sale to – Microsoft.

Yahoo recently signed contracts with 12 newspaper publishers to run the company’s ads on their Web sites, and these publishers represent more than 260 newspapers and the Web portal of Comcast Corp.

C’mon, Yahoo, stick to the content. You’re still have your “cool Web start-up” status. Don’t lose it by selling to Microsoft!

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Update: Dow Jones stock slips, keeps balance

After gains yesterday of more than $20 a share, the price of Dow Jones stock (Symbol: DJ) has fallen about 0.36 percent today. Early today, the losses were well over 1 percent, but that could have just been a reaction to Rupert Murdoch’s announcement yesterday.

As something of a non sequitur, here are excerpts from some of today’s editorials around the Web about the News Corp. bid.

I wonder if the price will level off fully or if it will stay around $55 a share. Perhaps Wall Street investors are wondering what Murdoch knows that they don’t.

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Changing world: Murdoch’s News Corp. bids $5B on Dow Jones

Imagine this: The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post could soon be controlled by Rupert Murdoch.

Page Six of WSJ...?

If Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. purchase Dow Jones, the Wall Street Journal may get a bit racier. Here’s what it may look like (above)

According to a CNN Money article, News Corp. bid $5 billion today on Dow Jones, which isn’t up for sale.

Just think about the possibilities, though. Regular Page Six-style stories on the happenings of the hoity-toity. The possibilities are endless, as you can see in the picture. (Note: I haven’t yet installed Photoshop on my computer, so the image is really bad.)

Dow Jones – not surprisingly – employees are pissed. In a statement, the Independent Association of Publishers’ Employees (the union representing Dow Jones) said, “Mr. Murdoch has shown a willingness to crush quality and independence, and there is no reason to think he would handle Dow Jones or The Journal any differently.”

At least we know where they stand.

Let’s see what happens with this. I’m keeping an eye on this story.

(Disclaimer: Photo courtesy, and it’s not a real story. I just used a random image of a stockbroker. So lay off, you lawyers out there.)