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Blogosphere Update: Links of interest

Here’s Greg Verdino’s look back at trends that defined the marketing world in 2007.

Last month, my buddy Tim Spangler celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Max Headroom incident on Chicago television.

Martin Reed goes over some common mistakes people make when they build online communities.

Fellow Future of Chicago blogger David Armano talks about why Fox kicks butt when it comes to mobile content.

Fellow Medillian Matt Bigelow liveblogged the Search Engine Strategies conference held last week in Chicago.

How yummy do these look?

Jesse Nachtigal from CigarJack wrote about a recent cigar mishap. Poor little him.

Site of the Day:

I just got a chance to look at CrazyEgg, a great way to track clicks on your page. I signed up for the free version, which allows me to track four pages, with up to 5,000 visits a month. (I’m not quite there yet, but maybe someday…)

CrazyEgg offers site click visualization in three ways:

1. Overlay – Markers tell you where all the site clicks were.
2. List – Duh.
3. Heatmap – You can see where the clicks are concentrated on your page. It’s very simple.
4. Confetti – A Flash visualization of all site clicks. Very cool!

I definitely recommend using CrazyEgg, at least to supplement your Google Analytics.

Site of the Day: (Tim Spangler)

It’s about time I included my friend Tim Spangler’s Web site as one of my “Sites of the Day.” Tim’s a good friend and classmate of mine and his site is starting to gain steam.

He titles it, “Confessions of a J-School dissident” and he is that, to say the least. Imagine a programmer in a room full of journalists. (Journalists – a group that can be semi-egotistical – are afraid of programmers, really.) So he has some crazy thoughts that go through his head.

Thing is, he really is a journalist, as much as he doesn’t want to admit it. He can write up a storm and he offers up good content for Web entrepreneurs, programmers and some cool videos. To top it off, Tim Spangler is giving away free .edu links to anyone who writes a review of his blog.

Go give it a read!

Site of the Day: (Todd Andrlik)

I’ve been checking out Todd Andrlik’s site, Todd And, for the last week or so. Andrlik is a Chicago-based Marketing and PR wiz.

He recently posted his first Power Profile, an interview with Darryl Ohrt of Brand Flakes for Breakfast, a site for marketing managers.

While only some of the marketing content is useful to me, I’ll check out his media and social marketing posts.

The other stuff up on Andrlik’s site is pretty cool, too. He’ll post amusing videos and photos that work well with his content. I recommend at least taking a look at his site.

Site of the Day:

Ahh, the source of my blog-related inspiration over the last couple of days. John Chow, a British Columbia-based Web marketer, is the bee’s knees on the Web. His site offers tons of advice to beginning bloggers – like me – on blog etiquette and Web marketing, which is something any good blogger does.

Here’s a piece on John Chow and his site.

Basically, John Chow dot Com is blog that helps you make money online. If you do a review of his blog, he’ll link to you so his readers can check you out. That’s also something worth knowing.