Site of the Day

Site of the Day: (Tim Spangler)

It’s about time I included my friend Tim Spangler’s Web site as one of my “Sites of the Day.” Tim’s a good friend and classmate of mine and his site is starting to gain steam.

He titles it, “Confessions of a J-School dissident” and he is that, to say the least. Imagine a programmer in a room full of journalists. (Journalists – a group that can be semi-egotistical – are afraid of programmers, really.) So he has some crazy thoughts that go through his head.

Thing is, he really is a journalist, as much as he doesn’t want to admit it. He can write up a storm and he offers up good content for Web entrepreneurs, programmers and some cool videos. To top it off, Tim Spangler is giving away free .edu links to anyone who writes a review of his blog.

Go give it a read!