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Video of the Day: Mary Nisi, Chicago Independent Radio Project

I like to think I’m fairly in the know when it comes to Chicago media, but I was at the DIY Trunk Show on Saturday when I first learned of the Chicago Independent Radio Project. (Those event tables pull me in every time.)

I figured that if I had never heard of it, you may not have either. So here’s an interview with Mary Nisi, a CHIRP board member.

What are your thoughts on the project? Do you think it’s a good idea? Do you think it will work?

Video of the Day: Kathy Jacobs, at BlogWorld Expo 2008

OK, folks, so here’s the first video interview I’ve done for

Kathy Jacobs is the community guru for AllVoices, an open-source citizen journalism site. AllVoices is cool, but Kathy is a great person who really gets social media, citizen journalism and the whole bit.

I shot the video with a Flip Mino. (I’m definitely getting one of those, by the way.)

Anyway, enjoy!

Video of the Day: An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube

Kansas State University anthropology professor Michael Wesch has an understanding of the Web 2.0 world in a way that few digital types could dream. He understands the nuances of how technology has changed global culture.

He gave this presentation, “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube,” last month at the Library of Congress. (Thanks, Greg Verdino, for pointing this out to me.)

It’s a bit long, so save it for a lunch break!