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Site of the Day: Age of Conversation 2

I’ve recently been checking out Drew McClellan’s site, Drew’s Marketing Minute. (See the link on my blogroll? Uh-huh. It’s official.)

Drew, as you may not know, along with Gavin Heaton, are the folks behind Age of Conversation, a collaborative book about social media.

Age of Conversation

Well, Gavin and Drew are compiling this year’s edition of the book. And guess what? You’re invited to participate! You can sign up to vote on the book’s topic, or — if you’re so inclined — write a chapter yourself.

I think I’ll give it a try. Any ideas? The topics are:

* Marketing Manifesto
* Why Don’t People Get It?
* My Marketing Tragedy (and what I learned)

By danielhonigman

Daniel Honigman is a Chicago-based digital strategist

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Hi Daniel – Age of Conversation was a stroke of brilliance. Not only in terms of content (which is wonderful)but it brings to light the reach of social media and the generosity of bloggers.

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