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Artvoice site redesign looking good; print product next?

Artvoice logo

In a bout of nostalgia (must be a sign of the apocalypse) I just checked out the new Artvoice site. Artvoice (and its talented editor-in-chief Geoff Kelly) gave me a shot at a few features.

He decided to turn two of them into my very first cover stories. (Check them out here and here. Geoff generously gave me a co-byline on the first piece.)

The big change I noticed on the site was the inclusion of Web 2.0 features like Digg and This was hugely necessary, as neither of its two biggest competitors – the Buffalo News and Buffalo Rising – carry any real 2.0 functions, except for, say, RSS feeds and comment fields.

And the banner font is much sleeker, I must say.

One function that got lost in the redesign was the ability to view the print version in PDF form, something I was able to do on the old site. (A working journalist, I need to print out my clips!)

My question to Artvoice is: Are there any plans for a print redesign in the works?