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Chicago 2016 Update: Daley’s nephew more concerned about Sox than Olympics?

2016 Update

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley appointed his nephew to the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority yesterday, reports Fran Spielman of the Sun-Times. The Authority could play a pivotal role in the Chicago 2016 campaign.

His nephew, Peter Thompson, served as a former campaign finance chief for Daley. And the man’s not unqualified – he earned his MBA at the University of Chicago.

Thompson’s seat on the board is unpaid, but Spielman’s article contained some rather telling quotes. Perhaps it’s just what Spielman used, but Thompson seemed more concerned with improving U.S. Cellular Field and the surrounding Bridgeport neighborhood.

Let’s see if he has anything in store for decrepit Wrigley Field. He sure has an idea of what the ISFA can do about the Olympics. He says the Authority can’t own or operate any of the stadiums.

It’s looking more and more like the city will have to foot the bill…