CTA Pet Peeve #2: People who stand near the doors (

CTA Pet Peeve

In my constant quest to improve my karma, here’s another edition of CTA Pet Peeves.

CTA riders who cluster near bus and train doors piss me off. I don’t know what else to say.

I shouldn’t have to shove my way through these people just to get off. (I am not, however, someone who waits until the very last second to get off the bus/train. That’s another pet peeve of mine, so stay tuned for that installment.)

Blocking doors:

A) Forces everyone to wait longer for the bus/train to start moving again.

B) Pisses everyone off.

Folks, just move away from the doors. If you can’t, be as accommodating as possible to people who need to exit.

By danielhonigman

Daniel Honigman is a Chicago-based digital strategist