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Chicago 2016 Update: IOC says logo fiasco won’t hurt Chicago 2016 bid

2016 Update

In today’s Chicago Tribune business section, Olympic reporter Philip Hersh reports that neither the International Olympic Committee nor the U.S. Olympic Committee believe the Chicago bid will be unaffected by the Chicago 2016 logo fiasco.

Hersh reports:

“I believe Chicago has, at all times, acted in good faith, and I would consider this a very minor incident, especially since Chicago is already changing its logo,” International Olympic Committee member Juan Antonio Samaranch Jr. of Spain said in an e-mail.

“I believe this incident will not have any repercussion on the bidding campaign that will actually begin in the coming months,” said Samaranch, a member of the IOC marketing commission and a senior member of the Madrid 2016 bid team.

The Chicago 2016 committee unveiled the logo on Oct. 12, and it doesn’t seem, says Hersh, that they will need to buy back any merchandise or take down any posters. The artwork, which contains a torch, just can’t be the city’s official Olympic logo.

The best news for the bid’s proponents: Chicago’s bid won’t be sanctioned.

Let’s just see what they come up with now. (I recommend the following logos, submitted by one of my readers last week.)