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Real-time Super Bowl marketing: Not just on Twitter

oreo super bowl tweet The Oreo and 360i teams easily captured the gold medal for its quick work during last night’s Super Bowl blackout. Not only did they put together a very timely piece of creative, but they did a great job promoting the behind-the-scenes work that went into it as well. The tweet that featured the image (pictured right), received at least 10,000 tweets, and a lot of media attention.

However, while other brands scrambled to bid on Twitter promoted tweets, the team that runs MiO Fit’s paid search campaigns saw an opportunity to own a channel that was entirely untouched: Google.

mio fit ad super bowl blackout

Think about this: in the minutes after the blackout occured, many TV viewers turned to Twitter. But where would others go, or where would Twitterers go next for the breaking news? Google was certainly one possibility, and there were zero advertisers bidding on blackout-related terms. (NOTE: As of publication, Google Trends data was not yet available for terms related to “super bowl blackout” or “superbowl blackout”.)

The ad copy was taken from a @MakeItMiO tweet, and the destination URL was the standard MiO Fit landing page.

Oreo did the right thing by attacking Twitter early on with a catchy visual + client buy-in. (Can’t forget about that.) But the team behind MiO’s paid search efforts should be applauded for its quick thinking, and doing what I believe was the next best thing last night.

Kudos to what was very smart – albeit under-the-radar – ad buy.