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Tidbit of the Day: Los Angeles Blog Roundup #2

A couple of weeks ago, I posted links to some of the best blogs in Los Angeles. The reason: work-related stuff.

Anyway, here are some more L.A. blogs:

Eating L.A.: Good food-related posts of all sorts.
Farmhouse 1983: Just. Crazy.
Fresh Approach Cooking: Sensing a theme yet? I love to eat.
Funny Cute: Funny sketches. Some are a bit racy. Just a warning.
green LA girl: A good guide on how to live green. In L.A. Pretty straightforward.
Griffith Park, Interrupted: Stuff about Griffith Park and Silver Lake. Both hipster-ish neighborhoods, I think. Although Donna, the author, seems non-hipster-like, which is a good thing.
Blood and Guts: Poetry and other stuff. Amusing.
I’m From Missouri: All sorts of stuff. Decent blog on black issues. Not sure about the music, though. (Just kidding, Jasmyne!)