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It’s started: Google spidering of Facebook pages

I was doing a search earlier for my name on Google (did I ever mention I’m quite vain?) when I saw it.

The first link, as always, was my Web site, The next, a page with some old articles I wrote when I interned at The Forward in New York.

The third result, however, I’d never seen before. It was my old Facebook profile page from when I was a graduate student at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism.

I knew that Facebook planned to do this awhile back, but I don’t think it really hit me until I actually saw my name and profile in Google’s listings.

Now where’s that privacy setting…?

(This post originally appeared on the Marketing News blog.)

Garry Kasparov: The Russian oligarchy’s next target?

Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov has been lucky. The founder of the United Civil Front, he’s an outspoken pro-democracy, anti-Vladimir Putin activist.

Basically speaking, he’s lucky he’s not dead. Alexander Litvinenko, Paul Klebnikov, Anna Politkovskaya and countless others died fighting for their beliefs.

His column in today’s Wall Street Journal (the full article is available here) openly bashes Putin and theRussian oligarchy in a way that makes me wonder if he’s the next to go. I certainly hope he isn’t.

Kudos: NBC 5 Chicago links to

I was checking out my Technorati rank earlier this week (I’m now in the top 50K blogs listed, thanks to my viral link exchange!) when I noticed that I received a link from NBC 5 Chicago.

It turns out that they listed the official Chicago 2016 page, the Chicagoist and me as its only three external links to Chicago 2016 bid news.

This must be due to my search engine optimization and tireless blogging efforts – I’ve actually been a bit behind lately – and a bit of buzz here and there. Hopefully I’ll get some exclusive content up soon, as I’m working on some other things now.

Other than that, stay tuned. My dad’s flying into town for my graduation from the Medill School of Journalism tomorrow, so it should be fun taking him around the city.


YouTube to co-sponsor next offical debate for Democratic presidential candidates

How about this nugget? According to a story in today’s San Jose Mercury News, YouTube will co-sponsor the first of six Democratic Party-sanctioned debates.

Presumably, this will be somehow tied into YouTube’s YouChoose campaign, in which presidential candidates post videos and speak directly to viewers. (Well, maybe an intern or something.)

Word is, says Pete Cashmore in a blog on, that YouTube will also look to sponsor a Republican-sanctioned debate, to keep balance.

If anything, it’ll be interesting to see the community boards on YouTube light up after this debate.

Free access to Wall Street Journal, Financial Times articles (

I just got a tip from one of my readers about a way to get free access to stories from the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Morningstar, etc., the person suggested, is a great way to do it. A bit skeptical – and thinking the post may be spam – I checked it out. Congoo NetPass is a pretty strong program, combining limited access to specialized news with some social networking.

The fact that it’s a downloadable toolbar may scare off some folks, but it seems legit. Congoo may be more appropriate for people who may not normally read the Journal and Financial Times, but hey, it doesn’t hurt that it’s free.

Media news: Virgin Media shareholders to talk strategy with Richard Branson

After a subpar 1Q, Virgin Media is now talking strategy.

Well, more like trying to convince its shareholders that there’s any strategy behind the company. Losses during the first quarter were about 74 cents/share. And now Franklin Mutual Advisers is calling a meeting with Virgin Media brass to find out what’s up. Franklin holds the second-largest stake in the company, owning 9.4 percent of its shares. Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Media’s biggest shareholder, has 11 percent.

As I put the final touches on a presentation on Branson for next week, I’ll be following this story.

Artvoice site redesign looking good; print product next?

Artvoice logo

In a bout of nostalgia (must be a sign of the apocalypse) I just checked out the new Artvoice site. Artvoice (and its talented editor-in-chief Geoff Kelly) gave me a shot at a few features.

He decided to turn two of them into my very first cover stories. (Check them out here and here. Geoff generously gave me a co-byline on the first piece.)

The big change I noticed on the site was the inclusion of Web 2.0 features like Digg and This was hugely necessary, as neither of its two biggest competitors – the Buffalo News and Buffalo Rising – carry any real 2.0 functions, except for, say, RSS feeds and comment fields.

And the banner font is much sleeker, I must say.

One function that got lost in the redesign was the ability to view the print version in PDF form, something I was able to do on the old site. (A working journalist, I need to print out my clips!)

My question to Artvoice is: Are there any plans for a print redesign in the works?