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Digital Strategy Quick-Take: Apple Maps

At the recent WWDC 2012 conference Apple recently announced, among other things, the inclusion of a native maps application in its upcoming iOS 6 release.

According to a recent Comscore study, more than53 percent of iPhone users access their maps, compared with more than 39 percent for Android users.

What does this mean for your business?

Check out the full post over at the LoSasso Blog.

Digital Strategy Housekeeping

My career continues at LoSasso Integrated Marketing

LoSasso Integrated Marketing logoLate last week, I accepted a job as the Director of Digital Strategy at LoSasso Integrated Marketing. I started today.

Here’s why I’m excited about this opportunity:

  • It’s a chance to flex my digital muscles. My professional roles have been primarily within the social media space – although I did tap into other expertise, such as content development, SEO and SEM. At LoSasso, I’ll have a chance to extend outside of the social media realm in a much more formal, strategic capacity.
  • The work. I’ve worked in the news business, a large agency with many B2C clients, a large corporation and a start-up. LoSasso’s clients will present a new challenge for me: many are in the B2B and the manufacturing space. I’ll not only sharpen my B2B marketing skillset, but will also extend my B2C experience as well.
  • The company. The LoSasso crew is not only highly skilled, but provides an elite level of client attention and service.

More great things are on the horizon for LoSasso, so stay tuned!